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Enjoy all-in-one product simplicity with the SimpleWan Firewall system. It brings ease of use with centralized management and combines them with active real-time cyber security protection. SimpleWan provides a cloud-based networking solution for branch offices, service centers, stores and franchises.

  • Features

    • SD-WAN Connectivity
      • vMPLS, Self Correcting, Fully Meshed
    • Multi-Location Networking
      • Cloud Manage Remotely, Single Dashboard - All locations, Centralized Provisioning, Notifications and Alerts - By Location, Configuration Templates, Easy SD-WAN/vMPLS Setup, Device Geocoding
    • VoIP Features
      • Patented Phone Call Prioritization, SD-Voice Fall-Over  - Reduces Call Drops, QoS Packet Shaping, Auto QoS Calibration
    • Cybersecurity
      • Firewall - IPS/IDS, Logs, Packet Capture, Real-Time Cloud Attack Monitoring, Internal Threat Analytics, Intelligent Attack Sharing, Auto Protection Updating, Honeypots
    • Compliance
      • HIPAA Compliance, PCI Compliance, Compliance Audit Log, Compliance Notifications
    • Content Filtering
      • Sites with Dectected Malware & Viruses, Sites Compromised, Sites Reported as Malicous, By Content Type with Filtering Levels
    • Diagnostics
      • Advance WAN Load Testing, Power Supply Monitoring, Temperature Monitoring, Memory Monitoring, VPN Toubleshooting, Connection Speed Tracking, MOS Score Diagnostics, Historical Bandwidth Stats, Jitter & Latency Tracking
    • Tabletop & Rack Units
      • Advanced 2 (tabletop): 1.6Hz Quad Core AMD T40E, 4GB DDR3-1066 DRAM, 4GB On-Board Memory, Dimensions:  6.61" x 6.18" x 1.18", Fan-Less - Passive Heat-Sink, 3x 1Gb Ethernet Ports, 12v 11 Watt Power Usage
      • Rackmount: 2.8GHz Dual Core Intel Atom, 2 GB DDR3-1600 DRAM, 8GB On-Board SSD Memory, Dimensions:: 9.81" x19" x1.75" 1U, Single Fan/Passive Heat-sink, 6x 1GB Ethernet Ports, 120v 1.5A Power Usage, USB for 4G LTE
    • Other Features
      • Router, Dynamic DNS & Rules, NAT, 1:1 NAT, DMZ, DHCP Servers (Options), VPN - IPSEC, PPTP, Multi-Level User Access, DyDNS, Proxy ARP, ARP Device Tracking, Sync Log, SIP ALG/Proxy, Dual WAN Fail-Over, 4G Wireless Backup, SLA Connectivity Testing, Traffic Shaping, Port Forwarding, VLAN 801.q Tagging, Static Routes
  • Product Datasheets

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